Mosquito Coast - Sweet Talking

Music Video, 2019

Swapping between a live band set-up element and a ‘trickery’ element which is derived from the idea of being ‘sweet-talked’ too. We wanted to play with the balance between desire and reality, a theme we hear running through the song. In order to explore the concept of “Trickery” and “Artifice” we’ve created a brief that contrasted different kinds of food styling, focusing mainly on sweets, and exposing the trickery of these set-ups.

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Directed by Hiball (Stanton Cornish-Ward & Alexandra Kirwood)
D.O.P Jesse Gohier-Fleet
1st AC Nathan Guy
2nd AC Darcy Tuppen
3rd AC Lachlan Wright
Gaffer Aaron Meredith
Production Design Alexandra Mccloud-Gibson
HMUA Zoe Jane Crawford
Colourist Abe Wynen