Miss Aries featuring Agot Dell

fashion film for Calendar Girls Series, 2018

A short fashion film for Indoor Fountain's Calendar Girls series, where each video features a female identifying muse, in Miss Aries it is Agot Dell Model and poet, and features an custom-made piece by Maroske Peech based on the Aries myth.

A cloud nymph named Nephele, sent a flying golden ram down from the heavens to rescue Phrixus and Helle, her children, from their stepmother who wished them to be sacrificed. Once the task was performed, The ram was sacrificed, and, it’s fleece changed hands many times.  A king hung it on an apple tree leaving a dragon to guard it, it was later stolen by a thief (or a hero, depending on who you ask) and later past that, woven into a blanket for a marriage bed. The golden flying ram’s soul was released back to the heavens and became the constellation Aries, and the Golden Fleece became an object that disappeared from time and became embedded with different meanings.

Aries are independent and strongly live inside their own world as their intelligence and natural leadership make them individualistic and self-reliant. To tie in the celebration of female power of the ‘Calendar Girl’ series and to explore this notion of taking the gaze away from a traditional concept objectification and recontextualizing it into something that celebrates the subject as a whole, The Aries muse, Agot, recreates well known paintings where women are caught in a moment of contemplation, unaware of the viewer. However, as this video progresses, she breaks from classical tableaux to turn to us, aware and powerful, and we begin to pull away from her. She sees past the frame through to us.

Written and Directed - Stanton Cornish-Ward

Muse - Agot Dell

Director of Photography - Jesse Gohier-Fleet

1st Assistant Camera - Lachlan Wright

HMUA - Zoe Jane Crawford

Fashion Design - Maroske Peech

Composer - Mitchell MacKintosh

Editor - Stanton Cornish-Ward

Colourist - Abe Wynen

Graphic Design - Play On Play Studios