Sukeban Control Utility Modern (S.C.U.M)

Fashion Film,2016

Finalist for 'Best Fashion Film' at  Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2016

Official selection Milano Fashion Film Festival 2016

Official selection Mexico Fashion Film Festival 2016

Screened as part 'Movements' part of the 2016 Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival program

The fashion film ‘Sukeban* Control Utility Modern (S.C.U.M)’ follows an all girl motorcycle gang over the course of one night. The film is based off the garments created in 2015 by the same name, a series of embellished and light reflective garments that explore this idea of embellishment, as well as the relationships of:


Text - Image - Garment, 


Fabric - Embellishment - Light


S.C.U.M is framed as a hypothetical all-girl motorcycle gang, though the use of varied stimulus. S.C.U.M is the amalgamation late 1970’s girl bosozoku** gangs, the relationship of light and howthis changes an garment’s essence,  hand embroidery, political emblems, and pot plant gardens of Japan.


*Sukeban: スケバン / ⼥女番/ スケ番 means ‘delinquent girl’ or ‘boss girl’ in Japanese

**Bosozoku: 暴⾛走族, literally “running-out-of-control (as of a vehicle) tribe”