The Immaculate Reflection of an Impure World

Fashion Film, 2015

Winner 'Best New Talent' at Copenhagen Fashion Film 2016

Official Selection Bucharest Fashion Film Festival 2016

Top ten finalist for Roma Web Fest 2015

Screened at Chin Chin Wall of Art 2015

Screened at RMIT Storey Hall for Screening Fashion III

Outlining the ambiguity of fashion by using the colour white a fixed point that is open to different interpretations. White; a universal symbol of cleanness - the white of doctors coats, the white of hospitals. Objects which are expected to be clean, such as bed linen and towels, are traditionally white. The Western symbol of purity (white lilies, snow, moonlight), the empyrean realm (the absence of image, an absolute void), the colour of reflection, white as a symbol of candour, the colour of surrender, an end to conflict.


White however, isn’t only tied to the perfect, the divine, the innocent. In eastern cultures it is the colour of death and mourning - the supernatural and unexplained. white is the colour of reincarnation, showing that death is not a permanent separation the world. An idea that also stems into the that of western cultures - the white of ghosts, the white of the pallor of death. in the last judgement, death rides a white horse.


Summed up by Kandinsky; white is the harmony of silence, and in music it shows the pauses that breaks. ‘It is not a dead silence, but one pregnant with possibilities’.