Brand New Thing -Jessica Says

Music Video, 20018

Listening to ‘Brand New Thing’, I felt a wave of memories wash over me. Some of them, my own, others, fabricated moments that felt they fitted as the song played out. I saw a visual emotive picture where the truth wasn’t necessarily the objective, and even the moments that felt like my own, felt strange and vague. I was reminded of something I had just finished reading by Simon Critchley, from his book Memory Theatre:



‘I would get flashbacks, sure, but they were often vague and they didn’t necessarily feel like my memories. My self felt like a theatre with no memory. All the seats were empty. Nothing washappening onstage. I sat back in my office chair and closed my eyes’


Director and Editor - Stanton Cornish-Ward

Produced by Hiball
Director of Photography- Jesse Gohier-Fleet
Production Design - Alexandra McCloud-Gibson
1st AD - Alexandra Kirwood
1st AC - Nathan Guy
Gaffer - James Thompson
Stylist - Joseph Leone
Hair and Makeup - Zoe Jane Crawford
Colourist -Abe Wynen

Cast in order of appearance:
Josh Lavery
Chole Puddin
Tracy Chen
Jared Davis
Tae Young
Jessica Says
Zen Lim
Christopher White
Emily Riley
Autumn Royal
Yao Tong