Video work 2017

co-directed with Brie Trenerry

exhibited at Five Walls Gallery, part of 'something is trying to tell us somethings' 2017

A seance is used to communicate with the spiritual imprint left behind by the dead. What about the technological imprint of information left behind on aspects of the web, or the imprints we leave ourselves on the internet? could we ever reach a point where we could communicate with that information? how would that sort of seance work?

'a/s/l' is a 5 mintue video piece that explores a number of concepts involving the links between technology, mysticism, and hauntology. Inspired by our both disconnect and connection to technology and it's growth into our personal spaces. a/s/l uses the circular and repetitive nature of 'Knots' by R.D Laing as a conceptual starting point.

One is outside
then outside what one has been inside
one feels empty
because there is nothing inside oneself
one tires to get inside of oneself
    that inside of the outside
    that one was once inside
    once one tires to get oneself inside what
    one is outside:
    to eat and be eaten
to have the outside and to be inside the outside

But this is not enough. one is trying to get
the inside of what one is outside inside, and to
get inside the outside. but one does not get
inside the outside by getting the outside inside
although one is full inside of the inside of the outside
one is on the outside of one’s own inside
and by getting inside the outside one remains empty because
while one is on the inside
even the inside of the outside is outside
and inside oneself there is still nothing
there has never been anything else
and there never will be

-Except from ‘Knots’ by R.D Laing



Directed by Brie Trenerry  and Stanton Cornish-Ward
Talent: Susi Johnstone
D.O.P: Liam Nguyen
gaffer/ VFX: Johnson Nguyen
HUMA: Zoe Crawford
Stylist: Joseph Leone
Gallery: Five Walls Projects
Curator: Kieran Boland